About Doing The CSN Detox Phase


Our body is in a constant state of detox. Your liver, kidneys, colon, and to some extent, your lungs, are constantly ridding your body of toxic substances. This is the prime function of certain organs in our body. Take the Liver and the Kidneys as an example.

If it weren’t for these organs we would poison ourselves to death in no time considering our modern diets.


Our bodily systems do not work as efficiently as could be due to our modern, busy and stressed lifestyles. This is directly linked to our resultant intake of processed and fast foods. Unfortunately these foods contain certain food ingredients, such as refined sugar, refined wheat, alcohol, caffeine and chemicals, including pesticides, fungicides, food colouring, MSG etc. etc.  Over period of time all of these have a cumulative effect on the body, causing a slowing down of bodily efficiency – which leads to weight gain. A further effect they have is to block the body’s ability to detox naturally and on an ongoing basis, and hence we start storing toxins in our bodies. This is what is called “toxin build up”. Largely this gradual process of toxification is called, “Our Lifestyle”

When we detox, we put the body through a program of ridding it of toxins. This is sometimes referred to in other circles, more colloquially, as “cold turkey”. The jolt this causes to our system has many effects and can be unpleasant but is necessary to find “The New You”. A typical example would be to quit coffee, or to cut out all added sugars, or to suddenly remove stimulants like chocolate from your diet and then to feel the body protest. It would be realistic to expect and experience withdrawal symptoms when changing the body’s routine. Many substances such as sugar, caffeine and other stimulant substances such as nicotine are addictive. No doubt the body will react  with symptoms such as headaches when it is no longer given these substances.


After detox the body functions much more efficiently, having been unburdened of the poisons in it that slow it down. This helps massively with losing weight. A detox-ed system is like a tuned car. It’s simply just faster, better and more efficient.